Three Ways To Make Childcare Drop Off Easier

27 January 2020
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Taking your kids to childcare can be tough if they have a hard time going. It is normal for kids to have some separation fears, but as their parents, it is your responsibility to give them tools to get through it. If your daycare dropoff is filled with tears and tantrums, you need to be consistent and help your child learn to feel secure in their surroundings. Here are three ways you can help them learn this and dramatically improve your drop off routine:

Be Honest

Always be honest with your kids. Trying to sneak away is not a great way to say goodbye. This type of method can cause them greater distress and fear. Talk to them honestly, and tell them you love them and that you will be back after work. Sometimes, giving them a marker in their day can be a great way to help them look forward to your return. If they usually have craft time right before pick up, you could explain that during craft time you will be in the car driving back to them. Reassure them that you always come back, and your actions will help your kids learn this is true. 

Pack Lunch Together

Inviting your child to pack their lunch with you can be a great way to talk about childcare without having to dwell on the negative emotions they feel. Have them go shopping for healthy snacks or treats they like, and involve them in that routine. This can be a good distraction and also make them look forward to eating their lunch while at daycare. Their lunch will have positive feelings attached to it while they are eating it away from you. 

Quality Time

Spend lots of quality time together on the weekends, but make sure you have some time to connect every day before or after daycare. Your child needs to connect with you even if its a quick snuggle and reading time before bed. This continues to show them that weekdays may have daycare and time apart, but that you still connect every night. Children need routine and stability to thrive.

Childcare dropoff can really dampen your day if your kid is struggling. Start looking for ways you can teach them to feel secure in your routines and surroundings. Try these three tips and find the routine that works for you. Working on these improvements can change the way you both feel about daycare.

To learn more about acclimating your child to daycare, contact a childcare centre in your area.